Brand change

Why are you changing to Linde?

AGA has been a part of Linde since 2000. The merger between Linde and Praxair earlier this year marks a historic highlight when the two companies together form the global market leader in the industrial and medical gas industry with over 80,000 employees and customers in more than 100 countries.
As part of the formation of the new Linde, we have decided to change our company name from AGA to Linde in all Scandinavian and Baltic countries from January 2020. The AGA brand will be retained as a product brand for our propane, welding products and carbonated products.
Our change of name means no changes to our offer, our contact areas and relationships. In the longer term, however, we are convinced that you as a customer will benefit from Linde's global presence, broad product portfolio, expertise and commitment. We will continue to invest in customized solutions as well as our website and app.

What do I as a customer need to do?

AGA online shop customers: You don’t need to do anything other than updating your app. AGA will simply change into Linde and you can continue using the service with your AGA username and password. If you go to the webpage it will redirect you to the webpage
Old app users (propane): Please download the new app with the name Linde shop and create your new profile. The old AGA app should also have a link which takes you to the App Store/Google Play store where you can download the new app.

As an old AGA app user, why do I need to download a new app and create a new profile?

Since we do not transfer customer data to the new app we ask you to download the new app Linde shop. As mentioned however, if you already have AGA online shop app you don’t need to do anything – this app will be transformed into Linde shop app.

What will happen to

The will shut down on 13 of January. You will then be redirected to the new website automatically.

When will I get more info about the rebranding?

We will continuously inform you about all the upcoming changes through email, push notification and messages in the app and on the website. Exact dates and timelines will also be shared continuously.

How do I access my old personal data?

You will be able to access and download all your customer information from AGA online shop until 12 of January 2020. After that date, your information will be transferred to Linde online shop automatically.